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Workonline Communications

An innovative pan-AfricanNetwork Service Provider

Workonline Communications

The Workonline focus is on delivering wholesale connectivity. The services we provide include IP transit services, wholesale Ethernet transport services, remote peering services to the major Internet Exchanges (IXs) in Africa, Europe and Asia, as well as colocation services in Africa.

We pride ourselves on ensuring our customers receive only the highest quality of service. To deliver on this promise, our team of locally based engineers provides year-round, 24/7 monitoring, management and technical support services.

As further guarantee of our commitment to our customers, our Service Level Agreement (SLA) can be customised to suit a range of stringent and specialised needs.


  • IP Transit
  • Ethernet Transport Services
  • Remote Peering
  • Remote Cloud Connect Services
  • Regional Licenses


  • London LON1
  • London LON2


  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Dark Fibre
  • IaaS
  • Transit
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